Report "From Social Inclusion to Social Cohesion. The Role of Cultural Policy" - GEPAC

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The report that GEPAC now publishes reflects the work and opinions of experts from 24 European countries, appointed by their governments to collaborate for more than 2 years, between 2017 and 2019, on the theme of promoting the contribution of culture to social inclusion - in which he participated directly.

It was 'co-created', with the purpose of fostering the contribution of culture to social inclusion and reflecting and analyzing how public policies can encourage and support cultural institutions at work, in partnership with other sectors (health, social assistance, prison service, etc.)

The priority given to intersectoral cooperation is noteworthy, since the focus was on establishing partnerships with other sectors, because social inclusion is a problem that is too significant, and whose mitigation goes far beyond the role of Culture.

The report contains guidelines for policy makers and cultural institutions, the production target requested in the Council's Work Plan for Culture, as stated in the Official Journal of the European Union of 27 November 2020.

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