Portugal will host VIII Ibero-American Congress of Culture in 2022

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Portugal will organize and host, in 2022, the 8th Ibero-American Congress of Culture, as announced by the Minister of Culture, Graça Fonseca.

The announcement was made at the closing on November 8, of the 7th Congress on the theme "Culture and Sustainable Development", organized by Mexico, which brought together officials from 22 countries.

The Ministry of Culture underlined that the holding of this Congress in Portugal is an "opportunity to continue an affirmation strategy in the Ibero-American space, as well as to foster opportunities for partnership and cooperation for Portuguese cultural entities", with Graça Fonseca also expressed the wish that the Congress in 2022 could take place and be held in Portugal.

On the Congress website you can find all the documentation related to the VII Ibero-American Congress of Culture, namely Videos and Recommendations available for consultation here.

Source: LUSA


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