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Until the 5th of September, 2020, the 5th phase of the Bilateral Relations Fund Competition # 1 takes place, which supports initiatives aimed at strengthening bilateral relations between Portugal and Iceland, Liechtenstein and / or Norway.

Public or private, commercial or non-profit entities are eligible as promoters of this contest, including any civil society organizations, such as non-governmental organizations, legally established in Portugal.

The financing is directed to any strategic area that clearly contributes to the strengthening of bilateral relations and that obtains tangible results. Eligible activities can be, among others, matchmaking events; technical cooperation and exchange of experts; short-term internships; training actions; workshops and seminars on topics of common interest.

Bilateral initiatives can be carried out in Portugal and / or Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and must include partnerships with one or more entities in these countries.

Source: EEAGrants

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